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Heart in Hand Teaching supports teachers with tips and resources to make teaching their own students a smoother, more peaceful process. Started by a high school math teacher with experience in public schools, diocesan Catholic schools, and independent classical Catholic schools, the focus is not just on practical tips,  but also on providing ministry to educators. Heart in Hand wants to walk with teachers who hear the call to teach in a Christian environment where they are able to share the richness of the Faith with their students.

The founder of Heart in Hand Teaching has a masters degree in secondary education with a focus in math and science specific pedagogy. She has expanded on this knowledge over her 8 years of classroom teaching, learning the joys of sharing the Catholic Christian tradition with her colleagues, students, and their families. In addition to the love of teaching at a Catholic school, she found a new love at her most recent teaching post: Classical Education.

Classical Education

Classical education in mathematics provides students with a big-picture approach that integrates primary sources, mathematical history, deep discovery of patterns,  mimetic teaching, and Socratic discussion of findings within a series of lessons on each concept. Students must memorize facts, but they are also taught to think critically about the patterns that they are using and transfer those facts and patterns to new problems. They do all of this with the background framework of a historical perspective, and meaning is created through the discovery of concepts rather than just being given an algorithm. Students then practice traditionally: at the board, as a group, proof writing, editing, dissecting, debating, and forming conclusions that they are confident standing behind. The fullness of this beautiful pedagogy is witnessed when it is viewed through the lens that each mathematical pattern, proof, and historical theorem helps to point us to the glory of our Creator.

Who is Heart in Hand Teaching For?

Heart in Hand Teaching is for any teacher. There are resources for teachers at any stage in their career, for teachers in any school setting, for teachers of any grade. Heart in Hand Teaching is also for Christian teachers, specifically in the Catholic tradition, who are looking for a space of fellowship in their teaching.

If you are a teacher looking for the following, then Heart in Hand Teaching is designed for you!

  • Fellowship with other Christian educators

  • Ministry for the joys and challenges of teaching

  • Resources that make the back-end of teaching a more peaceful, streamlined process (we're talking about planning, grading, emailing, and other paperwork)

  • Practical strategies for implementing classical pedagogy (particularly in the high school mathematics classroom)

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