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Leading Them Home

We are a Catholic family, so much of our life is informed by the teachings of the Church. I also read Catholic-leaning parenting books and follow Catholic parenting bloggers who have come before me. My hope is that our faith will shine through in my stories about our family choices. Ultimately, our goal with our children is to Lead Them Home (Home being Heaven) by living a family life that is centered in Christ.

I love our faith - its richness, its history, its truth, its beauty. I have a deep seeded desire to pass on all the beautiful things to my children. I hope that my testimony about how we strive to live out the Catholic faith will help to inspire others who are seeking information and guidance.

When I first became a mom, I sought out advice and experiences of other Catholic moms who had come before me. I found comfort in reading their blogs. It was nice to peak through a window at ways that my own family's faith life might one day develop. While I haven't been at this parenting thing for very long, I have found some of my own tricks and twists on living liturgically and bringing my children with me. I hope that my experiences, resources, and stories are helpful to new moms out there who, like me, yearn for support and ideas in raising their children intentionally in the Faith.

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