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Why A Parenting Blog?

Hi! I'm Keara, or sometimes Keara Anne. Welcome to my corner of the internet! This parenting blog came to be after much discernment on whether I was supposed to be sharing my writing with the world. I have felt called to blogging off-and-on over the years, but I feel like now is finally the right time for me to share my stories.

My final push came on a trip this summer to visit three of my oldest, dearest friends. Two have just started their parenting journies, and one is still discerning her future as a mother. During our visit, my friends encouraged me to share my experiences with my own boys and how my husband and I have decided to approach parenting in our home. They expressed that they could already see the fruits of my parenting choices in my two boys. My friends even made me teary-eyed as they reminded me that most of it was me - because they know that my husband's current schedule as a full-time optometry student means that I am in charge of the majority of the parenting choices in our home. 

Their encouragement meant the world to me, so here I am, with my friends as my cheerleaders. Ready to write about my parenting journey of 4+ years! I also want to acknowledge that I am not an expert by any means. I don't think anyone is an expert at the art of parenting; instead, I think of parents as scientists, participating in a mass experiment time-and-time again. Our parents did it before us. We are doing it now.

In an effort to add to the collective parenting scientific database, this blog will share my parenting research, processes, and results. I aim to be intentional about the parenting choices in our home, and I hope that by sharing my stories, I may assist other parents in making intentional choices for their own families.



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